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Who is PME?

We supply peripheral equipment for the plastic processing industry in the broad sense of the word. We not only represent foreign and domestic producers but also provide service, maintenance, engineering and project management for all the peripherals for injection moulding machines, extruders, blow moulding machines and other machines producing plastics, plastic semi-manufactured products, and final products. We offer the end customer full independence with regard to the processing machine itself.


What is our core business?

Our core business consists of three pillars:




Our vast experience in these three areas has given us the expertise need to support you.

SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE: the core business of our company. We have always aimed at providing perfect service for all of our products, past and present. With our extensive technical background and the technological expertise our technical staff, we can provide quick analysis and troubleshooting on-site.

ROBOTS AND AUTOMATION SYSTEMS: The handling of injected or extruded parts with Cartesian or 6-axis robots, grippers and automation projects in connection with the plastic- processing machine are typical of the PME projects, which we finish with care and a keen sense for the details. Obviously, we prefer to sell our own range of robots in combination with customized systems, but here, too, we consider our independence of paramount importance. As a result, we also offer projects with existing machines and robots.

RAW MATERIAL HANDLING, COOLING AND MOULD HEATING SYSTEMS:  This constitutes the third pillar of our company and it is certainly not the least important. For many years, we have been delivering, installing, and engineering raw material transport and storage systems and systems for the colouring, mixing, dosing and drying of granules and other bulk materials. The cooling and temperature control of moulds, which may be combined with the engineering for complete cooling systems with energy recuperation, have certainly contributed to making us a "one-stop shop solution” for the customer.



How do we proceed?

Our sales team provides first-line assistance and gives first-line advice to our customers.  Therefore, they are also your contact for new equipment applications or systems for which you want our support. Each sales engineer at PME specializes in specific products, so you will always be expertly informed.

The sales department is supported by a team of project engineers, who are called in immediately for difficult or complex projects to determine the technical feasibility.

As a result of our extensive warehouse stock and for specific issues, we can also provide you with test units in function of the general terms and conditions set forth in the test agreement.

After an order has been placed, our engineering department takes over the project from our sales team. Together with the customer they are committed to implement the project as smoothly as possible.

Planning and installation take place in consultation with the engineering department and the customer. As a result, the project planning and installation take place in function of the supplier delivery times, the lead time of our own production, and the customer’s deadline.

The project is delivered by the engineering department and the sales representative concerned. As a result, the agreements made between the customer and the sales department can be tested against the delivered project and its performance.


What added value we can offer?


The added value PME can be for you is something we as a company work on very hard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No closing periods and a high degree of accessibility of all our staff members are just two of many advantages, and we describe our added value in these terms:




We know very well that we need to earn the respect of every customer every day!


1988 - 1991: The very beginning

1988: Plastic Machinery Equipment BVBA is a fact.

Plastic Machinery Equipment BVBA was founded by Willy and Eliane van Muylem in 1988. After working for years as an Asburg distributor at the then DVG, Willy took the difficult step of starting his own independent  representation of peripheral equipment for the plastics processing machinery industry. Willy introduced GEIGER sprue pickers  into the injection moulding world.

1989: Plastic Machinery Equipment NV.

PME, at the time a small, one-man business, was transformed into a public limited company, a logical step in the growth of the young company.

1991: 565 Provincieweg, HERZELE.

As a result of their hard work and the success of this formula, Willy and Eliane were able to expand. They bought property in Herzele and convinced Rony van Grunderbeek and Annie Van Peteghem to join them.


1992 - 1997: Reinforcement of the Engineering and Sales Teams

1994:  An additional technician

Wim Dhaeseleer was taken on as an interim worker for the construction of the EUROPLASTICA fair in Brussels. Wim made such a good impression that Willy offered him a permanent contract. In the following years, Willy developed into a GEIGER robot specialist.

1997: An additional sales representative

The total representation package became too much for Willy alone, so Yves Drappier joined the PME team as a sales representative specifically for the sale of S+S metal detectors and raw material handling systems.


1998 - 1999: Business As Usual, but with major changes

Step by step, the company became a full partner in the plastics industry, a position achieved through the commitment of all of the staff to earn the confidence of their customers.

In April 1999, Willy van Muylem decided that the time had come to admit that he had reached retirement age, so he sold the company to Guido Manhaeve, a former NETSTAL employee. This came as a bolt from the blue for many of the staff.


2000 - 2008: Expansion and increase in scale in BELUX

As the century turned, policy at PME also changed, and the company expanded on many fronts. Its workforce grew from 6 to 15 employees, and, in the two specializations –  raw materials handling and automated systems – larger scale and technically more complex projects were accepted. Fernand Taverniers joined the company in 2002 to strengthen the marketing.

In August 2003, PME moved to new industrial facilities in Industrial Zone II, 25 Ballingsweg, Zottegem. More space, more opportunities, and certainly better accessibility contributed to further expansion.


2009 - NOW: A management buyout and increase in scale in BENELUX

In May 2009, the company was taken over by Yves Drappier and the business plan is completely rewritten. Service, customer satisfaction and technology become even more important.

In 2010, expansion into The Netherlands becomes a reality with Mark Andringa and Martin Van Zuilekom. Moments later Gerard Nijkamp joins the PME team in the Netherlands. The same business plan is put into motion there.

2014: Launch new website and start new sales man

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